Get up and make your bed!

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What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? You, like most people would search for the phone even when you can barely open eyes, next you would go through all the apps like you almost missed a decade while sleeping and then with all the fresh exhaust from yesterday you would get out of your bed or yeah in again most cases fall back to sleep. We all go through this and still think that it is all okay and that with all the stress or workload of the day before it is natural to wake up exhausted. I am no different and am not playing safe here but no matter what different reasons you hear the truth is that yes, this generation is a lot more stressed out, mentally weak and tired than what our elder one is.

                I once saw a clip I had received on social media where some army officer was addressing the crowd and he told this thing in his speech that I felt one should make a habit of doing. His words were that if you want to change the world, make your bed! Yes, you read that right. But he is right as no matter how your day went at the end you will at least have your bed made up. His words really had me going about making my bed every morning ignoring the fact that I lived in a boy’s hostel and doing this is the last thing one would ever expect. But being serious here these small things are the ones that would bring a big change in you. 

                Anyone today if asked about how hard life is treating them has a good long Bollywood like story for themselves. You would get to hear different stories about failed relationships, careers, gym memberships or anything you name that can make good movie scripts for the now cliched ones. Hard times are must but we people have rather made it easy to fall to these hard times than finding the solutions to them. I am not a motivational speaker nor I am trying to be one but one thing that I have learnt or in fact we all should be realizing is that it is we who make our times be defined as ‘hard’, it is us that wake up every morning thinking about yesterday, it is us who think about what other people would think about us that makes our lives hard, it is us that blame ourselves for whatsoever happens bad (yes if you have murdered someone you are to be blamed!). This doesn’t mean that one should not see hard times as hard though that would be certainly wrong but it is all about how to face them while being okay with it.

Being down is okay at least you would get to know what life has to offer at the other side. Sun sets everyday but it only takes you closer to the next day. The solution to your hard times thus is to face it and that to being happy with it. You cannot keep worrying about things that you can’t control, you have to deal with it no matter what. Instead, go for the things you can control and that is being happy.

One doesn’t have to go searching for the reasons to be happy, it is all up in the head. Wake up fresh and if possible early , go out for a run, eat what you like, watch your favorite shows or movies, get your headphones on and listen to music, play some sport, go out with friends, in short do what you feel makes you happy during those hard days and treat them just like some other day. Again, it’s all up in the head.

It might or might not be a perfect start to my new ‘keeda’ of blogging but I wanted to come up with such a thing just to let people know how things should be seen and what I feel them as. Hoping it to be worth taking your time and please do feel free to share what you feel I am all ears. Thankyou.


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